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DIRT DONT HURT is a compost consulting business that works to restore the earth through sustainable practices. This is a small, woman-owned business that is community-focused, & provides compost consultations & services to both residential & commercial clients. My goal is to help individuals, businesses & communities reverse their environmental impact & enjoy an Earth-friendly lifestyle. I am passionate about composting & are excited to share our knowledge & expertise.

Dirt Dont Hurt is independently owned & operated, but 

of course, always being accompanied by the senior foreman, Veles the Rotten Hound. 🐾

Dirt Dont Hurt was founded in 2020 in Doney Park, Arizona;  overlooking the Humphrey's peak by Jame Sauer. Jame has been a local consultant in the gardening & composting communities of Flagstaff since 2018.

If you have any questions, you can email Jame directly at

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