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Food Waste Drop Off

Being sustainable is just about doing what you can. 

By bringing your food waste to a composting facility, you're making a huge difference just keeping it out of the landfill. Please consider that most composters offer a drop off as a free service, and as such, we really appreciate a little extra help from you by strictly observing the do's & dont's below.


Sun-Up to Sun-Down, 365 days a year

The drop-Off is located on private property. There will be a DROP OFF BIN near the mailbox. 

Place your plastic-free food waste in the bin & seal the lid when you're done. 

Use the drop off bin at your own risk & "smile" you're on camera! (footage used for security only)

DOs & Donts

DONT - no produce stickers!!!! (at all!) 

         - No plastic bags

         - No removing items from the bins (this is private property, that would be theft.)

DO - dump scraps directly into the bin, no bags please!

     - drop off your scraps as often as you'd like



If there any issues with the drop-off location, please call 520-808-4630 immediately.

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